Diagnostic and Spend Management Services

Spend Analysis

Develop a standard multi-level spend taxonomy and ‘spend cube’, including data consolidation, cleansing and classification.

Opportunity Assessment

Identify procurement improvement opportunities, and outline business case including savings approach, resources required and potential return on investment.

Sourcing Project Management

Sourcing Project Management is a structured sourcing program which leverages best practices to deliver customer objectives including, but not limited to reduction of third party expenditure.

Procurement Effectiveness & Efficiency Review

Implement strategic procurement and sourcing practices to influence the entire cost base to streamline operations, increase efficiency and free up investment capital.

Procurement Maturity Assessment

A procurement maturity assessment is used to assess the level of development of an organizations procurement capability.

Governance Framework Review & Enhancement

Develop a robust and effective procurement governance framework to maximize the benefits of sourcing activities, whilst securing supply, mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

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